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Junior Data Engineer

In this role, your technical skills will be developed and you’ll get a feel for all things data. You will learn about programming languages, databases, data modelling, data integration, data storage, processing systems and various data management technologies. You’ll strengthen your business and functional knowledge also, and learn to make sense of our customer’s data, the industries they operate in and the challenges they face.

🔎 Who we're looking for

As a Junior Data Engineer, you will learn how to extract and integrate data from various sources, transform it as needed and serve it to users. You will love data engineering if you:

  • Have a bachelor’s or master’s degree, preferably in a quantitative/business-related/IT-related field
  • Have an interest in tech and coding, while not necessarily being an expert already (you’ll learn here!)
  • Love diving in data and making sense of it
  • Are curious and want to learn a lot, especially about all things tech, data and business

If you don’t check off everything in the list below, don’t worry. This is a list of technologies you’ll get to learn about and work with here at Bmatix. Any experience in the following is a plus, but not a must, for an aspiring Junior Data Engineer:

  • SQL & Databases
  • Python
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure Databricks
  • dbt
  • Git

Some important concepts for a Data Engineer you might have heard off (or will hear of soon enough when you start here):

  • Data warehousing
  • Data modeling

You’re willing to obtain the following certifications (with our help):

  • DP-203: Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure
  • Databricks Data Engineer Associate and Professional

👨‍💻 A bit about us

Bmatix specializes in all things Business Intelligence (BI). We help our customers grow by leveraging best-in-class technologies to derive insights of their data. We collect, analyze, transform and present all the valuable information organisations have to enable them to make the best possible decisions. We are relentlessly customer-focused and we want to be trusted partners to the organisations we work with.

We’re experts in Microsoft and SAP technologies. We believe that both stacks offer  comprehensive, powerful and flexible tools for all BI and data work. We are proud to be partners with both vendors and strive to excel in implementing their tech at our customers.

We are an organization that’s growing fast, and we want our people to grow along with us. At Bmatix, you’ll have the chance to work on end-to-end projects, ranging from developing custom analytics solutions, advising customers or implementing our templates. Longer-term secondary engagements are also possible, where you’ll take up a role in an internal team. Whatever it is you want to do, you’ll have a chance to do it here. At Bmatix, you can choose your own direction.

We believe in creating an inspiring and collaborative atmosphere, where employees have the freedom to adapt their work style to their needs. Therefore, we have invested in open plan offices and flexible workstations to provide an optimal working environment. But working from home is also an option.

We have offices in:

  • Kontich
  • Genk
  • Ghent

Learning and knowledge sharing is essential to us. All our colleagues get the chance, and the time, to learn new things, and we regularly share knowledge (and a pizza!) at our BKTS’s (Bmatix Knowledge Transfer Session) or during the Junior Academy.

But it’s not all about work with us. We understand that a good work-life balance is key to the well-being of our employees. You’ll have a blast at our yearly company ski trip, look back at the year with your colleagues at our end-of-year dinner, build team spirit at our retreat weekend together, relax during work with darts and a soccer table, and have a beer together at our offices to cap off the week on Friday.

💰 What we offer

  • A very competitive compensation package, including your gross pay, a netto compensation, a 13th month, €8 meal vouchers, yearly ecocheques, group insurance, a phone subscription, hospitalization insurance, a cafetariaplan (get a computer, tablet, phone, bike,… )
  • A beautiful full electric company car with charging card. The keys to your car will be waiting for you on day one. Don’t need a car? Opt for a mobility budget instead.
  • Hybrid work arrangement; lots of the work we do can be done from home, if your customer agrees.
  • The ability to choose your own direction, have a say in your own projects, learn a lot and grow on the job.
  • Be part of a team of more than 50 enthusiastic data professionals
  • A yearly ski trip, company retreat weekend, end-of-year dinner, beers, soda, fresh fruit, snacks, a catered company-wide party every quarter, darts, football table,… You’ll have fun, we promise.
  • As a Junior Data Engineer, you’ll take part in our Junior Academy, where you’ll be introduced to a wide range of skills, technologies and subjects in classes given by experienced consultants.

Ready to join Bmatix?

Don’t hesitate and contact us now to apply for this position!

Charlotte Pavic

Business development