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Working together to achieve data-driven succes

The world of data is constantly in motion. Will your organisation evolve with this? If you don’t have a ready answer to that, Bmatix is the reliable and capable BI partner you are looking for. We take care of your organisation’s data and objectives. In doing so, we neither stand in front of your team as a leader, nor behind your team as a passive supporter. We stand with you.

This enables us to determine the flow of your data with you, deciding what we want to achieve. Insights flow from our expertise in business intelligence (BI) and information management which you can really work with. Because technical know-how is good, but knowing how to fulfil your corporate ambitions using this knowledge is better. Taking an action-oriented approach, we transform knowledge into opportunities.

Make BI your trump card

Bmatix helps your organisation to integrate information into all of your processes. After all, Business Intelligence defines the future more than ever. Making data more transparent through AI analysis and automation doesn’t, however, require technological magic, rather a cooperative process. Tailored to your needs, within the framework of our expertise and experience.

Because by integrating internal data deeper into your operations, we ensure accelerated strategic progress . Automating everything ensures that your business is forward-looking. In short: we place the trump cards on the table and you take the victory. Because BI is not a short but powerful game, it is the perfect corporate solution for companies that have a long-term focus.

  • Improve the data insights within your team.
  • Analysis as a catalyst for growth and progress.
  • Fully integrated into your business processes.
  • 100% end-to-end services in (Big) Data.

In 4 steps from data to measurable success

STAP 1: We build your information strategy together

Tame and finetune your key data … that’s where it starts.

With our team on your side, discover the potential of information management and BI for your organisation. Bmatix helps you define your strategy and road map. This immediately puts you at the helm of the new information architecture: from design to implementation.

STEP 2: Our team implements the best tools for your needs

Extract maximum business value from your data sources.

Our BI solutions create insight, bringing order to data chaos. Chaos that is also wealth, because only by achieving growth from this breeding ground can organisations realise their maximum potential. Tailored technological support provides a solid foundation. And we assist your company with this, from A to Z.

STEP 3: Learn from the past, analyse the present

Welcome on board the benchmark of your business success.

The numbers tell the story: a cliché, but for a reason. Because even today, the measurability of your data is your key to success. This ensures that a reduced turnaround time and improved budgeting and forecasting are at your fingertips. Our intuitive, automated BI solutions make it happen!

STEP 4: We unravel your future

Statistically backed predictions about the future. Without a crystal ball!

The future is for the darers and the doers. Therefore, in a partnership with Bmatix, futureproof working is also a must. Together, we look far beyond today’s questions and achievements through predictive analytics. Identifying and predicting patterns uncovers hidden risks and shows new opportunities in your data.

Bmatix, trusted advisors in information management and BI, was launched as a Belgian start-up in 2012. It joined the Gumption Group in the same year.

In December 2013, Bmatix opened an office in Luxembourg.

At the start of 2019, the company employs 60 consultants, servicing +50 customers in Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

As an independent partner, Bmatix assesses your information management needs. It deploys trend-setting technologies from SAP, Microsoft, SAS, Qlik and DataStories as a robust backbone.

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Part of the Gumption Group

As an incubator and xcelerator, Gumption supports start-ups and early-stagers with an innovative business idea that improves process efficiencies and/or user experiences. Gumption facilitates entrepreneurship and inspires innovators. Thanks to the Gumption membership, Bmatix can focus on its people and projects, and make use of a unique business ecosystem.

Collaboration with Gumption companies like TheValueChain, Oddball, V-chain, Brightest or Rank1 enables idea generation and co-creation between experts with complementary expertise.