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August 13, 2023

Bmatix prepares new starters through Junior Academy

The first edition of the Bmatix Junior Academy is already at the half-way stage. During an intensive 12-week training programme, the participants learn about business intelligence and what a job as a consultant at Bmatix entails.

Eline Haldermans, Niels Haldermans and Simon Bovy joined Bmatrix in early August. They are the first participants of the brand-new Junior Academy. Until the end of October, the trio will be immersed in the field of BI, with training topics ranging from technical and job-specific skills to consultancy know-how and BI business processes.

“Every trainer explains his expertise,” says Pieter Van Mol who, along with fellow expert Joël Vangrunderbeeck is the brains behind the Academy initiative. “Jan Vautmans shares, for example, his insight into logistics reporting. Pieter Steenssens demonstrates the theory and practice of relational databases. Mathijs Keenens explains about SAP BI reporting tools. After completing their training, the participants choose which field they want to specialise in.”

“The best way to learn is hands-on, with training rooted firmly in practice,” Joël Vangrunderbeeck adds. “Our Academy is open to students with a background in ICT or business who are eager to learn. As a BI consultant, you need both. Knowledge about business intelligence is an advantage, but not a ‘must’. Motivation is more important.”

The new starters learn about front-end tools, such as Power BI and SAC, data modelling concepts, Microsoft and SAP tools and more. A senior expert coaches and supports every participant individually. There are weekly feedback sessions. Eline and Niels Haldermans are working at customer sites, whilst Simon Bovy is working on an internal project. Once completed and approved, the aim is to sell the project to customers.

Eline Haldermans qualified in business and information systems engineering. She feels that the Junior Academy complements her studies perfectly: “I was looking for a workplace where you are well-supported as a junior. I like the fact that the training is so varied, from technical to consultancy skills.”

ICT graduate Simon Bovy agrees: “To me, the Academy is a unique opportunity to learn more about a wide range of subjects in business intelligence.”

Niels Haldermans also studied ICT. “Because of my studies, my technical know-how is good, but through the Junior Academy I’m also learning about other fields. That is really useful. And, with such broad subjects, we are able to discover what suits us best.”

At the end of the ride, the three participants will receive a certificate.  With a strong foundation in BI knowledge, they are then ready to start working under their own steam at customer sites.  The second edition of the Junior Academy kicks off in October.

Interested in taking part? Contact Charlotte Pavic.