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Junior Data Engineer: (Kontich and Genk)

In this role, your technical skills will be developed further. You will learn about programming languages, databases, data structures and modelling, data integration, data storage and processing systems and various data management technologies.

A bit about Bmatix

Bmatix specializes in Business Intelligence and Data Management. Our expertise in Microsoft and SAP technologies enable us to support companies of all sizes in collecting, analyzing and presenting valuable information.

Bmatix offers customized Business Intelligence solutions that enable the full potential of data to be exploited. You will work on a variety of projects and will have the opportunity to further develop your skills in a stimulating environment. We have our own projects with customers (e.g.: implementation of our templates), but there are also secondment assignments. At Bmatix you can choose your own direction.

At Bmatix, we believe in creating an inspiring and collaborative atmosphere, where employees have the freedom to adapt their work style to their needs. Therefore, we have invested in open plan offices and flexible workstations to provide an optimal working environment.

We have offices in:

– Kontich (HQ)

– Genk – IncubaThor

– Heusden – Ghent

Our open office spaces foster a sense of community and teamwork. The transparent layout ensures seamless collaboration between colleagues. Fostering interaction and knowledge sharing is essential to us, as we believe great ideas often arise from spontaneous conversations.

But it’s not all about work with us. We understand that a good balance between work and leisure is important for the well-being of our employees. That is why we have set up a special recreation room with facilities such as darts and a soccer table. This allows employees to relax for a while, take a break and recharge for new challenges. We encourage a healthy dose of competition and team building, as we believe that fostering a positive work culture contributes to well-being and team performance.


    • Business Warehouse (SAP BW)

    • ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading)

    • CDS (Core data services)

    • Hana views

    • SAP ERP modules (SD, MM, ABAP,…)


    • SQL Data warehousing

    • ETL (Python, R)

    • Azure Data platform:

    • Azure Data factory

    • Azure Synapse

    • Microsoft Purview

    • Microsoft Fabric

Ready to join Bmatix?

Don’t hesitate and contact us now to apply for this position!

Charlotte Pavic

Business development